The importance of Energy Efficiency has been continuously increasing along with the responsibilities and challenges brought to our lives by the developing world. Our aim as Ali Alanya is to blend ‘Lighting’ with technology and comfort and unite reliability with quality; and therefore offer finest service. Ali Alanya has adopted the mission of being the world’s leading company in the Lighting Industry in near future with its continually developing technology, understanding of unlimited services and approach that prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Our brand has the advantages of holding an unrivaled position in the market with different, qualified and diverse range of the products. The company adapts the principle of improving the continuity of the strong position held in the market and aims to ensure sustainable and controlled development by focusing on production of high quality products for consumers accordingly. It is also aimed to be the leader in the market by uniting state-of-the-art technology products with high production capacity.

Feedbacks regarding the market and product diversity are received more accurately by ensuring interactive relation through a computer-aided communication and information system. Continual improvement and meeting expectations of our clients adapted as a principle. Any request, recommendation and feedback delivered by clients through any means of communication are evaluated with a customer-oriented perspective and customer satisfaction is ensured with a consistent sense of quality; which constitutes the core of the basic target of Ali Alanya. Therefore; Our primary principle is to offer innovative solutions for changing needs of our clients and be the leading trademark in the world.

We always do our best to be on the side of our clients by analyzing their current and future expectations in the most efficient way possible and providing them products and services under most reasonable conditions.