If you continue to work with this determination, more people will want to work with you and they will do more work to grow your business. After a while, the conditions will force you to choose between one of two options: either to choose the easy one, by producing our products in another countries and marketing them with Emre electronics' name or to select the difficult option, by developing your self in Turkey, producing our products with turkish people and to serve and support our land and its people, but my son Emre, who I know, chooses the hard choice.

Ali Alanya

Karaman Public Hospital



(Sunday, June 6, 2010) Today is the second year since you've left us .We've started today to fulfill your will, to achieve what you've always dreamed of. I hope you can see this, our products are here in Turkey being produced by our people and we will sell it to the whole world with your name 'Ali Alanya'. The light that you have shared with us throughout your life, will enlighten our world. I know you may get mad at me, but there's no more Emre Electronics.Right Now it's Ali Alanya

Hikmet Emre Alanya

Ali Alanya Led Lighting Production Facilities


After the death of Ali Alanya The company's name was changed by his son Emre from Emre Electronics to Ali Alanya .